Total lenght (m) 6,30
Total width (m) 2,36
Internal width (m) 1,37
Weight without engine (kg) 510
Max  number of person 10
Tube diameter (mm) 0,33/0,48
Number of air chambers 5
Max engine power (HP) 135
Recommended engine power  (HP) 90/115
Engine shaft lenght 50,8cm/20″
Category CE С

* Standard hull colour, console, seats, box is white.
**Change of colour to different then white of above elements costs additional 20% of boat price from price list.

– Deep „V” GRP hull design , high strenght, durable. Standard color – White
GRP steering console with equipment*
– Anti slip, self-outflowing deck
– Two persons jockey seat, upholstery color black
– Bow locker with hatch + pair of bow slings
– Steel deck drainage with sleeve ending with rope with clip hook
– Bilge system**
– Heavy duty stainless steel bow strake reinforcement with bow anchor eye
– Stainless steel transom mounted towing eyes
– Under deck tunnel for bundle of cables
– Hypalon tubes by Pennel, ORCA 828 fabric (1100 dtex, 1300 g/m2)
– Tube colour available Alpin Blue, Neptune Grey
– Inflating and overdose valves by Leafield
– Outer fender protective rubber strake (black) double
– Lifelines located in the center on top of the tubes
– Engine plate
– Footpump and tube repair kit
– 2 year standard warranty for hull and tubes

*Steering console pistil and 2-person seat with 2 backrests, upholstery+ flag handle.
Console contains: ventilation grille, small hatch or locker, big hatch with removable front lid, steel security handle, mounting system for battery, one large rectangle hatch or two big hatches with removable front lid in seat, bilge pump switch, main power switch

** Bilge system includes:
– Bilge bowl closed with hatch with removable lid equipped with 1 separator + steel passage with bellows for cables
– automatic bilge pump with steel passage through transom + system cover, inside bilge plug.

***Fuel tank under deck including:
– fuel tank steel , capacity different for RIB models
– revision plate with gasket, on it: fuel valve, fuel consumption, vent, hose, fuel level gauge
– accessory: fuel filter with water separator, steel angular air-escape , fuel pump (pear)

****Portable fuel tank system:
it’s additional holding system for portable fuel tanks including:
– base with 4 points + 4 steel pads with screws
– 2 belts with steel shackles + Velcro
1 Option I Engine package: engine mounting  + Ultraflex hydraulic steering + electrical system
2 Option II System package: Hydraulics Ultraflex + electrical system
3 Optiin III Mechanical steering system: steering shaft, steering wheel, gearing
4 Option IV  Stainless steel fuel tank under deck with CE ***
5 Capacity in litres from 75 – 120 l
6 Collapsible console
7 Rectangle box in pistil with door-knob
8 Portable plastic fuel tank holding system ****
9 Fuel filter with separator mounted on transom ( for portable fuel tank)
10 Front fender protective rubber strake (black) additional
11 Tow post + mounting
12 A. Box (locker) for coach with mounting system (1200x350x500)
B. Box – PG dimensions 650 x 400x 550
13 Upholstery on coach box + foldable backest
14 Heavy duty transportation boat cover tailor made
15 Engine cover (for helm) or 2-piece engine cover ( for helm and shaft)
16 Upholstery color different than black
17 Cup with lid in console
18 Symmetrical protection anti-sliding patches pcs x 2
19 Mounting base for navigation pole
20 Console DC socket with USB port
21 One person seat with portable fuel tank – complete
22 Sails hanger
23 New type of throttle model 6×3 + station 6×3
24 Poler / Samson post
25 Special tube protection on whole lenght x2
26 High base for battery
27 Steerman’s hydraulic suspension seat + mounting set under deck
28 Passenger’s seat + mounting set under deck connected to option 27
29 High transom 63,5 / 25”

Latest: Console with portable fuel tank

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Delivery – ex-works
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